What are the hypernyms for punctuate?

Hypernyms for punctuate

disrupt show break up evince add cut off interrupt express

Definitions for punctuate

  • verb - insert punctuation marks into
  • verb - interrupt periodically; "Her sharp questions punctuated the speaker's drone"
  • verb - to stress
  • Pronounciation of punctuate

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    Synonyms for punctuate

    emphasize emphasise mark accent stress accentuate

    Antonyms for punctuate

    No antonyms found for punctuate.

    Holonyms for punctuate

    No holonyms found for punctuate.

    Hyponyms for punctuate

    play down re-emphasise point up underscore downplay re-emphasize drive home underline quote bring out bear down ram home emphasize background set off topicalize press home emphasise

    Meronyms for punctuate

    No meronyms found for punctuate.

    Sounds like punctuate

    Panama City pancake day panchayat panchayet panicked pennyweight pianist pimozide pinched pinchgut Pinctada pinkish-white pink cockatoo Pinus taeda poinsettia pongid Pongidae punchayet punch out punctuate punished