religious movement

What are the hypernyms for religious movement?

Hypernyms for religious movement

movement social movement front

Definitions for religious movement

  • noun - a movement intended to bring about religious reforms
  • Pronounciation of religious movement

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    Synonyms for religious movement

    No synonyms found for religious movement.

    Antonyms for religious movement

    No antonyms found for religious movement.

    Holonyms for religious movement

    No holonyms found for religious movement.

    Hyponyms for religious movement

    Islamism ecumenical movement Chabad-Lubavitch Reformation Nation of Islam Akhbari Gallicanism Chabad Protestant Reformation Usuli Lubavitch Oxford movement Taliban Counter Reformation Lubavitch movement Pietism Taleban

    Meronyms for religious movement

    No meronyms found for religious movement.

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