What are the hypernyms for serviceman?

Hypernyms for serviceman

skilled workman skilled worker trained worker

Definitions for serviceman

  • noun - someone who serves in the armed forces; a member of a military force; "two men stood sentry duty"
  • Pronounciation of serviceman

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    Synonyms for serviceman

    military personnel military man man

    Antonyms for serviceman


    Holonyms for serviceman

    military group force military unit military force

    Hyponyms for serviceman

    artilleryman bluejacket commando inductee leatherneck noncombatant vet military volunteer cannoneer navy man ranger enlisted person shipboard soldier occupier ex-serviceman voluntary air force officer gunner sailor draftee Marine military officer striper veteran soldier commander machine gunner sailor boy conscript devil dog officer veteran volunteer

    Meronyms for serviceman

    No meronyms found for serviceman.

    Sounds like serviceman

    sacrifice scarabaeus Scarface scire facias Scirpus Scorpius scrapbook scraps Scripps scrubs scrub oak sea crawfish seraphic Seriphus service services Sorbus sourpuss sour fig Srbija suckerfish sugar-bush surbase surface surface gage surface gauge surffish surf fish surpass