spit out

What are the hypernyms for spit out?

Hypernyms for spit out

discharge expectorate spit out let loose expel cough up utter eject cough out emit exhaust release spit up let out

Definitions for spit out

  • verb - discharge (phlegm or sputum) from the lungs and out of the mouth
  • verb - spit up in an explosive manner
  • verb - utter with anger or contempt
  • Pronounciation of spit out

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    Synonyms for spit out

    cough up sputter cough out spit spit up expectorate splutter

    Antonyms for spit out

    No antonyms found for spit out.

    Holonyms for spit out

    No holonyms found for spit out.

    Hyponyms for spit out

    spit spue ptyalize splutter ptyalise sputter cough spew spit out

    Meronyms for spit out

    No meronyms found for spit out.

    Sounds like spit out

    No words sound like spit out.