What are the hypernyms for stinginess?

Hypernyms for stinginess


Definitions for stinginess

  • noun - a lack of generosity; a general unwillingness to part with money
  • Pronounciation of stinginess

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    Synonyms for stinginess

    No synonyms found for stinginess.

    Antonyms for stinginess


    Holonyms for stinginess

    No holonyms found for stinginess.

    Hyponyms for stinginess

    meanness parsimony closeness minginess parsimoniousness penuriousness niggardliness tightness illiberality niggardness tightfistedness selfishness

    Meronyms for stinginess

    No meronyms found for stinginess.

    Sounds like stinginess

    sadness satang satanic sauteing scathing scouting scudding seating sea tang sedateness seediness seething Seth Thomas setting set to music shadiness shading shadowiness shadowing sheathing shedding sheeting sheet music shitting shoddiness shooting shouting shutting Siddons siding