subject matter

What are the hypernyms for subject matter?

Hypernyms for subject matter


Definitions for subject matter

  • noun - what a communication that is about something is about
  • Pronounciation of subject matter

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    Synonyms for subject matter

    message content substance

    Antonyms for subject matter

    No antonyms found for subject matter.

    Holonyms for subject matter

    No holonyms found for subject matter.

    Hyponyms for subject matter

    wittiness proposal entry tale packaging body petition subject aside meaning nonsense hokum acknowledgement guidance direction commendation discourtesy wit humor opinion offer narrative promotion sensationalism corker postulation topic excursus significance bunk drivel refusal counsel commitment disapproval interpolation humour view offering narration publicity shocker reminder memorial theme divagation signification nonsensicality garbage information counseling dedication respects insertion witticism instruction submission story promotional material request latent content digression parenthesis import meaninglessness acknowledgment info counselling approval disrespect statement

    Meronyms for subject matter

    No meronyms found for subject matter.

    Sounds like subject matter

    No words sound like subject matter.