What are the hypernyms for trait?

Hypernyms for trait


Definitions for trait

  • noun - a distinguishing feature of your personal nature
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    Synonyms for trait

    No synonyms found for trait.

    Antonyms for trait

    No antonyms found for trait.

    Holonyms for trait

    No holonyms found for trait.

    Hyponyms for trait

    intractability character compulsiveness unemotionality inactiveness earnestness frivolousness unthoughtfulness masculinity trustiness individualism egocentrism drive resolve discipline conceit humbleness foolishness sound judgment trustingness mistrust demeanour deportment intractableness fiber compulsivity emotionlessness inactivity serious-mindedness communicativeness thoughtlessness femininity untrustworthiness individuation self-interest resoluteness resolution indiscipline conceitedness wisdom unwiseness sound judgement trustfulness cleanliness behavior tractability tractableness rurality fibre emotionality activeness inertia sincerity uncommunicativeness attentiveness muliebrity untrustiness stinginess self-concern firmness irresoluteness undiscipline vanity wiseness judgment perspicacity distrust uncleanliness behaviour flexibility ruralism nature emotionalism activity seriousness frivolity thoughtfulness inattentiveness trustworthiness individuality egoism self-centeredness firmness of purpose irresolution pride humility folly judgement trust distrustfulness demeanor conduct

    Meronyms for trait

    No meronyms found for trait.

    Sounds like trait

    Tadarida tar-wood tardy tarot taro root Tarrietia tart Tartu tarweed tarwood tattered teary-eyed teredo terete Terrietia tethered tetrad tetrode tetterwort thereto therewith theridiid Theridiidae third third eye thirtieth thirty thirty-two thoriate thoriated