What are the hypernyms for traveling?

Hypernyms for traveling

move motion movement

Definitions for traveling

  • noun - the act of going from one place to another; "he enjoyed selling but he hated the travel"
  • Pronounciation of traveling

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    Synonyms for traveling

    travel travelling

    Antonyms for traveling

    No antonyms found for traveling.

    Holonyms for traveling

    No holonyms found for traveling.

    Hyponyms for traveling

    peregrination roving driving aviation stage on tour commutation traversal vagabondage riding air leg junketing commuting walk traverse wayfaring horseback riding journey staging water travel circumnavigation wandering crossing air travel journeying on the road seafaring

    Meronyms for traveling

    No meronyms found for traveling.

    Sounds like traveling

    Tarbell tearful tearfully Terebella terrible terribly tetherball three-ply throw pillow thurible Tower of Babel trap play Traubel travail travel treble trefoil Triavil tribal trifle trifle away triple Tripoli trivial trivially trouble true-blue true bill true puffball truffle