What are the hypernyms for triviality?

Hypernyms for triviality

detail object item physical object point unimportance

Definitions for triviality

  • noun - something of small importance
  • noun - the quality of being unimportant and petty or frivolous
  • noun - a detail that is considered insignificant
  • Pronounciation of triviality

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    Synonyms for triviality

    pettiness trivia slightness trifle puniness technicality small beer

    Antonyms for triviality

    No antonyms found for triviality.

    Holonyms for triviality

    No holonyms found for triviality.

    Hyponyms for triviality

    frivolity bagatelle joke fluff frippery

    Meronyms for triviality

    No meronyms found for triviality.

    Sounds like triviality

    Tarbell tearful tearfully Terebella terrible terribly tetherball three-ply throw pillow thurible Tower of Babel trap play Traubel travail travel treble trefoil Triavil tribal trifle trifle away triple Tripoli trivial trivially trouble true-blue true bill true puffball truffle