What are the hypernyms for unfortunate?

Hypernyms for unfortunate

someone somebody person mortal individual soul

Definitions for unfortunate

  • adjective - not auspicious; boding ill
  • adjective - unsuitable or regrettable; "an unfortunate choice of words"; "an unfortunate speech"
  • adjective - not favored by fortune; marked or accompanied by or resulting in ill fortune; "an unfortunate turn of events"; "an unfortunate decision"; "unfortunate investments"; "an unfortunate night for all concerned"
  • noun - a person who suffers misfortune
  • Pronounciation of unfortunate

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    Synonyms for unfortunate

    inauspicious unfortunate person

    Antonyms for unfortunate


    Holonyms for unfortunate

    No holonyms found for unfortunate.

    Hyponyms for unfortunate

    choker Job failure maroon lamenter pariah prisoner sick person subsister desperate jonah loser mourner nympholept Ishmael captive diseased person victim abandoned person homeless jinx nonstarter griever outcast poor person schlimazel sufferer weeper amputee homeless person languisher unsuccessful person sorrower castaway have-not shlimazel survivor crier

    Meronyms for unfortunate

    No meronyms found for unfortunate.

    Sounds like unfortunate

    umber umbra Umbria umpire unbar unfair unfree union member