written account

What are the hypernyms for written account?

Hypernyms for written account


Definitions for written account

  • noun - a written document preserving knowledge of facts or events
  • Pronounciation of written account

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    Synonyms for written account

    written record

    Antonyms for written account

    No antonyms found for written account.

    Holonyms for written account

    No holonyms found for written account.

    Hyponyms for written account

    rap sheet dossier paper trail copy proceedings translation worksheet blotter charge sheet entry timecard register transactions interlingual rendition day book casebook log time sheet registry minute book rendering police blotter chronology note transcript minutes statute book version

    Meronyms for written account

    No meronyms found for written account.

    Sounds like written account

    war-ridden warden wartime wear down wear thin Wharton whoredom write-down write-in write down write in write on writhen written