written document

What are the hypernyms for written document?

Hypernyms for written document

piece of writing writing written material

Definitions for written document

  • noun - writing that provides information (especially information of an official nature)
  • Pronounciation of written document

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    Synonyms for written document

    document papers

    Antonyms for written document

    No antonyms found for written document.

    Holonyms for written document

    No holonyms found for written document.

    Hyponyms for written document

    capitulation credentials confession inclosure official document patent of invention program resolve report certificate charter copyright form instrument platform resignation source study ballot certification commercial document right of first publication legal document papyrus political platform resolution specification written report brevet credential commercial instrument enclosure legal instrument patent political program declaration voucher

    Meronyms for written document

    No meronyms found for written document.

    Sounds like written document

    war-ridden warden wartime wear down wear thin Wharton whoredom write-down write-in write down write in write on writhen written