Conepatus leuconotus

What are the hyponyms for Conepatus leuconotus?

Hyponyms for Conepatus leuconotus

No hyponyms found for Conepatus leuconotus.

Definitions for Conepatus leuconotus

  • noun - large naked-muzzled skunk with white back and tail; of southwestern North America and Mexico
  • Pronounciation of Conepatus leuconotus

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    Synonyms for Conepatus leuconotus

    hog-nosed skunk hognosed skunk badger skunk rooter skunk

    Antonyms for Conepatus leuconotus

    No antonyms found for Conepatus leuconotus.

    Holonyms for Conepatus leuconotus

    Conepatus genus Conepatus

    Hypernyms for Conepatus leuconotus

    skunk polecat wood pussy

    Meronyms for Conepatus leuconotus

    No meronyms found for Conepatus leuconotus.

    Sounds like Conepatus leuconotus

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