Homo habilis

What are the hyponyms for Homo habilis?

Hyponyms for Homo habilis

No hyponyms found for Homo habilis.

Definitions for Homo habilis

  • noun - extinct species of upright East African hominid having some advanced humanlike characteristics
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    Synonyms for Homo habilis

    No synonyms found for Homo habilis.

    Antonyms for Homo habilis

    No antonyms found for Homo habilis.

    Holonyms for Homo habilis

    genus Homo

    Hypernyms for Homo habilis

    human being human homo man

    Meronyms for Homo habilis

    No meronyms found for Homo habilis.

    Sounds like Homo habilis

    haemophile haemophilia haemophilia A Hannibal Hemofil hemophile hemophilia hemophilia A hemp willow homophile honey bell humble humbly