What are the hyponyms for Marine?

Hyponyms for Marine

No hyponyms found for Marine.

Definitions for Marine

  • adjective - native to or inhabiting the sea; "marine plants and animals such as seaweed and whales"
  • adjective - relating to or characteristic of or occurring on or in the sea
  • adjective - of or relating to the sea; "marine explorations"
  • adjective - of or relating to military personnel who serve both on land and at sea (specifically the U.S. Marine Corps); "marine barracks"
  • adjective - relating to or involving ships or shipping or navigation or seamen; "nautical charts"; "maritime law"; "marine insurance"
  • noun - a member of the United States Marine Corps
  • noun - a soldier who serves both on shipboard and on land
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    Synonyms for Marine

    nautical maritime devil dog leatherneck shipboard soldier

    Antonyms for Marine

    No antonyms found for Marine.

    Holonyms for Marine

    Marine Corps US Marine Corps United States Marine Corps USMC United States Marines

    Hypernyms for Marine

    man military personnel serviceman soldier military man

    Meronyms for Marine

    No meronyms found for Marine.

    Sounds like Marine

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