What are the hyponyms for Methuselah?

Hyponyms for Methuselah

old-timer antique oldtimer patriarch codger gaffer old codger old geezer

Definitions for Methuselah

  • noun - a man who is very old
  • noun - (Old Testament) a patriarch (grandfather of Noah) who is said to have lived 969 years
  • Pronounciation of Methuselah

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    Synonyms for Methuselah

    graybeard old man greybeard

    Antonyms for Methuselah

    No antonyms found for Methuselah.

    Holonyms for Methuselah

    No holonyms found for Methuselah.

    Hypernyms for Methuselah

    oldster old person man senior citizen adult male golden ager

    Meronyms for Methuselah

    No meronyms found for Methuselah.

    Sounds like Methuselah

    medical medically mendaciously Mentzelia methodical methodically Methuselah metical mid-July midweekly Mitchell Mitchella modishly momentously monodical Motacilla Mount Cook lily mythical