What are the hyponyms for Milontin?

Hyponyms for Milontin

No hyponyms found for Milontin.

Definitions for Milontin

  • noun - anticonvulsant (trade name Milontin) used to treat petit mal
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    Antonyms for Milontin

    No antonyms found for Milontin.

    Holonyms for Milontin

    No holonyms found for Milontin.

    Hypernyms for Milontin

    anticonvulsant anticonvulsant drug antiepileptic antiepileptic drug

    Meronyms for Milontin

    No meronyms found for Milontin.

    Sounds like Milontin

    mainland Malamud malamute malemute mealy-mouthed mealymouthed Melanitta Melolontha Melolonthidae mill-hand millionth mullioned myelinated Mylanta