What are the hyponyms for admonish?

Hyponyms for admonish

No hyponyms found for admonish.

Definitions for admonish

  • verb - take to task; "He admonished the child for his bad behavior"
  • verb - admonish or counsel in terms of someone's behavior; "I warned him not to go too far"; "I warn you against false assumptions"; "She warned him to be quiet"
  • verb - warn strongly; put on guard
  • Pronounciation of admonish

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    Synonyms for admonish

    reprove caution warn discourage monish

    Antonyms for admonish

    No antonyms found for admonish.

    Holonyms for admonish

    No holonyms found for admonish.

    Hypernyms for admonish

    knock rede criticize advise criticise counsel pick apart warn

    Meronyms for admonish

    No meronyms found for admonish.

    Sounds like admonish

    No words sound like admonish.