What are the hyponyms for amphigory?

Hyponyms for amphigory

No hyponyms found for amphigory.

Definitions for amphigory

  • noun - nonsensical writing (usually verse)
  • Pronounciation of amphigory

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    Synonyms for amphigory

    nonsense verse

    Antonyms for amphigory

    No antonyms found for amphigory.

    Holonyms for amphigory

    No holonyms found for amphigory.

    Hypernyms for amphigory

    nonsensicality meaninglessness nonsense hokum bunk

    Meronyms for amphigory

    No meronyms found for amphigory.

    Sounds like amphigory

    ambage ambages ambagious ambiguous ambush amebiasis amebic amebiosis amebous amoebiasis amoebic amoebiosis amoebous amphibious amphioxus Anabas anabiosis anaphase anaphasic anemone fish Anemopsis Anubis