What are the hyponyms for bastardize?

Hyponyms for bastardize

No hyponyms found for bastardize.

Definitions for bastardize

  • verb - declare a child to be illegitimate
  • verb - change something so that its value declines; for example
  • Pronounciation of bastardize

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    Synonyms for bastardize


    Antonyms for bastardize

    No antonyms found for bastardize.

    Holonyms for bastardize

    No holonyms found for bastardize.

    Hypernyms for bastardize

    hold demoralize profane corrupt demoralise vitiate declare pervert debauch deprave adjudge subvert debase misdirect

    Meronyms for bastardize

    No meronyms found for bastardize.

    Sounds like bastardize

    baby-sitter babysitter baby buster backdoor backscatter backstair backwater back door bacteria basketeer basketry Basseterre bass guitar baster Bay Stater beach aster beach heather beech tree begetter bestiary bestir bestower bestrew Bextra bigotry big sister big tree bister bistre bistro