What are the hyponyms for bereave?

Hyponyms for bereave

No hyponyms found for bereave.

Definitions for bereave

  • verb - deprive through death
  • Pronounciation of bereave

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    Synonyms for bereave

    No synonyms found for bereave.

    Antonyms for bereave

    No antonyms found for bereave.

    Holonyms for bereave

    No holonyms found for bereave.

    Hypernyms for bereave

    divest deprive strip

    Meronyms for bereave

    No meronyms found for bereave.

    Sounds like bereave

    Bairava barb barbu barf barrier reef barrow-boy bar hop bear off bear paw bear up bereave brave bravo breve brewpub briar pipe bribe brief burp