break apart

What are the hyponyms for break apart?

Hyponyms for break apart

No hyponyms found for break apart.

Definitions for break apart

  • verb - break up or separate; "The country is disunifying"; "Yugoslavia broke apart after 1989"
  • verb - break violently or noisily; smash;
  • verb - take apart into its constituent pieces
  • Pronounciation of break apart

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    Synonyms for break apart

    disassemble disunify dismantle crash take apart break up

    Antonyms for break apart

    No antonyms found for break apart.

    Holonyms for break apart

    No holonyms found for break apart.

    Hypernyms for break apart

    destroy split destruct separate break part break up split up disintegrate

    Meronyms for break apart

    No meronyms found for break apart.

    Sounds like break apart

    barkeep bar soap bear cub brace up Brasov breakup break off break up breeches buoy brick up brisk up brush-off brushup brush off brush up