What are the hyponyms for butchery?

Hyponyms for butchery

battue bloodbath bloodletting bloodshed

Definitions for butchery

  • noun - the savage and excessive killing of many people
  • noun - the business of a butcher
  • noun - a building where animals are butchered
  • Pronounciation of butchery

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    Synonyms for butchery

    carnage slaughterhouse slaughter butchering massacre abattoir mass murder shambles

    Antonyms for butchery

    No antonyms found for butchery.

    Holonyms for butchery

    No holonyms found for butchery.

    Hypernyms for butchery

    commercial enterprise edifice murder business enterprise slaying business execution building

    Meronyms for butchery

    No meronyms found for butchery.

    Sounds like butchery

    badger badgerer baedeker bath chair bedsore beet sugar bewitchery bitchery Bodo-Garo botcher buffet car butcher butchery