What are the hyponyms for caregiver?

Hyponyms for caregiver

medical assistant pharmacist pill pusher medical practitioner druggist pill roller bonesetter medical man chemist electrologist nurse apothecary

Definitions for caregiver

  • noun - a person who is responsible for attending to the needs of a child or dependent adult
  • noun - a person who helps in identifying or preventing or treating illness or disability
  • Pronounciation of caregiver

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    Synonyms for caregiver

    PCP health care provider health professional primary care provider

    Antonyms for caregiver

    No antonyms found for caregiver.

    Holonyms for caregiver

    health profession

    Hypernyms for caregiver

    professional professional person adult grownup

    Meronyms for caregiver

    No meronyms found for caregiver.

    Sounds like caregiver

    cargo ship Carica papaya charge up chirk up coercive cork up corrosive crack-up crack up crisp crispy crock up Crosby crossbow cross off crucify cruise ship cryoscope cursive