What are the hyponyms for conspirator?

Hyponyms for conspirator

No hyponyms found for conspirator.

Definitions for conspirator

  • noun - a member of a conspiracy
  • Pronounciation of conspirator

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    Synonyms for conspirator

    coconspirator plotter machinator

    Antonyms for conspirator

    No antonyms found for conspirator.

    Holonyms for conspirator

    conspiracy confederacy

    Hypernyms for conspirator

    outlaw criminal malefactor felon crook

    Meronyms for conspirator

    No meronyms found for conspirator.

    Sounds like conspirator

    change-up change shape chicken coop chicken Kiev chicken soup chimneysweep Chinese chive Chinese jujube Chingpo coaching job common wasp concave conceive conceive of concessive cone shape conic waxycap coughing up