What are the hyponyms for de-ionate?

Hyponyms for de-ionate

No hyponyms found for de-ionate.

Definitions for de-ionate

  • verb - remove ions from; "ionate thyroxine"
  • Pronounciation of de-ionate

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    Synonyms for de-ionate

    No synonyms found for de-ionate.

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    Holonyms for de-ionate

    No holonyms found for de-ionate.

    Hypernyms for de-ionate

    withdraw remove take take away

    Meronyms for de-ionate

    No meronyms found for de-ionate.

    Sounds like de-ionate

    dainty damned danaid Danaidae dandy Dante daunt daunted day in and day out day in day out de-iodinate de-ionate dead-end deadened dead end dead hand deaminate demand demantoid demented dementia demimonde demode demote denominate denote denouement dent dentate dented