What are the hyponyms for decapitation?

Hyponyms for decapitation

No hyponyms found for decapitation.

Definitions for decapitation

  • noun - killing by cutting off the head
  • noun - execution by cutting off the victim's head
  • Pronounciation of decapitation

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    Synonyms for decapitation


    Antonyms for decapitation

    No antonyms found for decapitation.

    Holonyms for decapitation

    No holonyms found for decapitation.

    Hypernyms for decapitation

    putting to death death penalty execution killing executing kill capital punishment

    Meronyms for decapitation

    No meronyms found for decapitation.

    Sounds like decapitation

    dash-pot Dasypodidae day shift decapitate decapitated decapod Decapoda despite despot Diaspididae disbud disc-shaped dish-shaped disk-shaped dispute disputed dissipate dissipated ditch spade Djibouti dogsbody dog bite dog food duck pate