What are the hyponyms for decorticate?

Hyponyms for decorticate

No hyponyms found for decorticate.

Definitions for decorticate

  • verb - remove the cortex of (an organ)
  • verb - remove the outer layer of; "decorticate a tree branch"
  • Pronounciation of decorticate

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    Synonyms for decorticate

    No synonyms found for decorticate.

    Antonyms for decorticate

    No antonyms found for decorticate.

    Holonyms for decorticate

    No holonyms found for decorticate.

    Hypernyms for decorticate

    remove strip take take away withdraw

    Meronyms for decorticate

    No meronyms found for decorticate.

    Sounds like decorticate

    dasyurid Dasyuridae Daucus carota decorate decorated decreed degrade degraded degree day desecrate desecrated desegrated desert deserted desired dessert disaccharide disaccord disagree with disarrayed discard discarded discord discredit discredited discreet discrete dissertate ditch reed Djakarta