What are the hyponyms for deplume?

Hyponyms for deplume

No hyponyms found for deplume.

Definitions for deplume

  • verb - strip of feathers; "pull a chicken"; "pluck the capon"
  • verb - strip of honors
  • Pronounciation of deplume

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    Synonyms for deplume

    deplumate pluck displume pull tear

    Antonyms for deplume

    No antonyms found for deplume.

    Holonyms for deplume

    No holonyms found for deplume.

    Hypernyms for deplume

    loot pillage strip reave foray plunder rifle despoil ransack

    Meronyms for deplume

    No meronyms found for deplume.

    Sounds like deplume

    dado plane date palm date plum deplane deplume diploma Dipylon doubloon Dublin