dirty story

What are the hyponyms for dirty story?

Hyponyms for dirty story

No hyponyms found for dirty story.

Definitions for dirty story

  • noun - an indelicate joke
  • Pronounciation of dirty story

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    Synonyms for dirty story

    blue story dirty joke blue joke

    Antonyms for dirty story

    No antonyms found for dirty story.

    Holonyms for dirty story

    No holonyms found for dirty story.

    Hypernyms for dirty story

    laugh jest joke jape gag

    Meronyms for dirty story

    No meronyms found for dirty story.

    Sounds like dirty story

    Dardic darts deer tick detritus diarrhetic diarrhoetic dirty dog dirty joke diuretic Dorothea Dix Dorothy Dix dredge drudge dry-dock drydock dry dock