What are the hyponyms for drool?

Hyponyms for drool

No hyponyms found for drool.

Definitions for drool

  • verb - let saliva drivel from the mouth; "The baby drooled"
  • verb - be envious
  • noun - saliva spilling from the mouth
  • noun - pretentious or silly talk or writing
  • Pronounciation of drool

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    Synonyms for drool

    boloney taradiddle twaddle bilgewater tarradiddle bosh tommyrot baloney humbug tosh slobber drivel dribble slabber salivate slaver

    Antonyms for drool

    No antonyms found for drool.

    Holonyms for drool

    No holonyms found for drool.

    Hypernyms for drool

    spit nonsensicality spittle meaninglessness nonsense hokum saliva bunk salivate covet

    Meronyms for drool

    No meronyms found for drool.

    Sounds like drool

    Datril dearly death-roll derail diarrheal diarrhoeal Diuril dotrel dotterel dourly drawl drearily drill drill hole drily droll drool dry-wall dryly drywall dry wall dural Durrell