What are the hyponyms for electrocution?

Hyponyms for electrocution

No hyponyms found for electrocution.

Definitions for electrocution

  • noun - killing by electric shock
  • noun - execution by electricity
  • Pronounciation of electrocution

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    Synonyms for electrocution


    Antonyms for electrocution

    No antonyms found for electrocution.

    Holonyms for electrocution

    No holonyms found for electrocution.

    Hypernyms for electrocution

    kill capital punishment putting to death death penalty execution killing executing

    Meronyms for electrocution

    No meronyms found for electrocution.

    Sounds like electrocution

    elect elected elegist elicit elicited elk-wood elkwood elocute elucidate El Cid eulogist