What are the hyponyms for fingerboard?

Hyponyms for fingerboard

No hyponyms found for fingerboard.

Definitions for fingerboard

  • noun - a narrow strip of wood on the neck of some stringed instruments (violin or cello or guitar etc) where the strings are held against the wood with the fingers
  • noun - a bank of keys on a musical instrument
  • noun - a guidepost resembling a hand with a pointing index finger
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    Synonyms for fingerboard

    piano keyboard clavier fingerpost

    Antonyms for fingerboard

    No antonyms found for fingerboard.

    Holonyms for fingerboard

    No holonyms found for fingerboard.

    Hypernyms for fingerboard

    strip keyboard signpost guidepost

    Meronyms for fingerboard

    No meronyms found for fingerboard.

    Sounds like fingerboard

    fancier fencer financier finger finisher five-finger