What are the hyponyms for fratricide?

Hyponyms for fratricide

No hyponyms found for fratricide.

Definitions for fratricide

  • noun - the murder of your sibling
  • noun - fire that injures or kills an ally
  • noun - a person who murders their brother or sister
  • Pronounciation of fratricide

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    Synonyms for fratricide

    friendly fire

    Antonyms for fratricide

    No antonyms found for fratricide.

    Holonyms for fratricide

    No holonyms found for fratricide.

    Hypernyms for fratricide

    fire manslayer murder firing slaying murderer execution liquidator

    Meronyms for fratricide

    No meronyms found for fratricide.

    Sounds like fratricide

    fair weather farther fever tree fire-eater firewater fire door fire tower fire tree fir tree forrader forty-three four-hitter fourth-year free throw fritter fritter away frotteur fruiterer fruit tree further