What are the hyponyms for frock?

Hyponyms for frock

chemise cocktail dress jumper morning dress sari sundress sack sheath pinafore Mother Hubbard saree caftan shift dirndl pinny muumuu shirtdress kaftan coatdress gown kirtle polonaise strapless

Definitions for frock

  • verb - put a frock on
  • noun - a one-piece garment for a woman; has skirt and bodice
  • noun - a habit worn by clerics
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    Synonyms for frock


    Antonyms for frock

    No antonyms found for frock.

    Holonyms for frock

    No holonyms found for frock.

    Hypernyms for frock

    woman's clothing habit enclothe garment garb habilitate dress raiment fit out clothe tog apparel

    Meronyms for frock

    No meronyms found for frock.

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