What are the hyponyms for gallop?

Hyponyms for gallop

No hyponyms found for gallop.

Definitions for gallop

  • noun - a fast gait of a horse; a two-beat stride during which all four legs are off the ground simultaneously
  • verb - ride at a galloping pace; "He was galloping down the road"
  • verb - cause to move at full gallop; "Did you gallop the horse just now?"
  • verb - go at galloping speed; "The horse was galloping along"
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    Antonyms for gallop

    No antonyms found for gallop.

    Holonyms for gallop

    No holonyms found for gallop.

    Hypernyms for gallop

    gait ride sit pace ride horseback

    Meronyms for gallop

    No meronyms found for gallop.

    Sounds like gallop

    gallop Gallup Galway Bay gay lib gleba glebe glib glob globe glop glove glyph golf gulf Gulf of Ob gulp G clef