What are the hyponyms for goon?

Hyponyms for goon


Definitions for goon

  • noun - an aggressive and violent young criminal
  • noun - an awkward stupid person
  • Pronounciation of goon

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    Synonyms for goon

    punk strong-armer oaf gawk thug lout lubber hood tough clod lummox hoodlum toughie stumblebum lump

    Antonyms for goon

    No antonyms found for goon.

    Holonyms for goon

    No holonyms found for goon.

    Hypernyms for goon

    crook outlaw criminal malefactor felon clumsy person

    Meronyms for goon

    No meronyms found for goon.

    Sounds like goon

    G-man gagman gain gam game gamey gamin gamine gamma gammon gammy Gamow gamy ganoin ganoine Gascogne Gascony gaskin gasman gas gun gas main Gauguin Gaussian Gawain gay man gay woman gazania gean Gehenna gem