What are the hyponyms for gown?

Hyponyms for gown

evening gown academic robe wedding dress mantua judge's robe ball gown dinner dress tea gown vestment bridal gown dinner gown academic gown wedding gown formal

Definitions for gown

  • verb - dress in a gown
  • noun - a woman's dress
  • noun - outerwear consisting of a long flowing garment used for official or ceremonial occasions
  • noun - protective garment worn by surgeons during operations
  • noun - lingerie consisting of a loose dress designed to be worn in bed by women
  • noun - the members of a university as distinguished from the other residents of the town in which the university is located; "the relations between town and gown are always sensitive"
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    Synonyms for gown

    nightgown robe nightie surgical gown night-robe scrubs nightdress

    Antonyms for gown

    No antonyms found for gown.

    Holonyms for gown

    No holonyms found for gown.

    Hypernyms for gown

    outerwear nightwear overclothes sleepwear lingerie nightclothes frock intimate apparel university habilitate garb fit out dress raiment apparel clothe tog enclothe garment

    Meronyms for gown

    No meronyms found for gown.

    Sounds like gown

    G-man gagman gain gam game gamey gamin gamine gamma gammon gammy Gamow gamy ganoin ganoine Gascogne Gascony gaskin gasman gas gun gas main Gauguin Gaussian Gawain gay man gay woman gazania gean Gehenna gem