What are the hyponyms for greybeard?

Hyponyms for greybeard

oldtimer patriarch codger gaffer old codger old geezer old-timer antique

Definitions for greybeard

  • noun - a stoneware drinking jug with a long neck; decorated with a caricature of Cardinal Bellarmine (17th century)
  • noun - a man who is very old
  • Pronounciation of greybeard

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    Synonyms for greybeard

    old man bellarmine graybeard longbeard Methuselah long-beard

    Antonyms for greybeard

    No antonyms found for greybeard.

    Holonyms for greybeard

    No holonyms found for greybeard.

    Hypernyms for greybeard

    oldster jug old person man senior citizen adult male golden ager

    Meronyms for greybeard

    No meronyms found for greybeard.

    Sounds like greybeard

    geographer Gerbera grabber grab bar graph paper graver gravure Grey Friar griever groover grope for grouper groupware grow over