What are the hyponyms for habit?

Hyponyms for habit

cleanliness frock alcohol abuse monastic habit ritual alcoholic abuse nun's habit second nature alcoholism abuse

Definitions for habit

  • verb - put a habit on
  • noun - (psychology) an automatic pattern of behavior in reaction to a specific situation; may be inherited or acquired through frequent repetition; "owls have nocturnal habits"; "she had a habit twirling the ends of her hair"; "long use had hardened him to it"
  • noun - excessive use of drugs
  • noun - a distinctive attire worn by a member of a religious order
  • noun - attire that is typically worn by a horseback rider (especially a woman's attire)
  • noun - an established custom; "it was their habit to dine at 7 every evening"
  • noun - the general form or mode of growth (especially of a plant or crystal); "a shrub of spreading habit"
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    Synonyms for habit

    drug abuse riding habit use wont substance abuse

    Antonyms for habit

    No antonyms found for habit.

    Holonyms for habit

    No holonyms found for habit.

    Hypernyms for habit

    misuse growth ontogeny custom abuse growing ontogenesis usage attire maturation usance tradition development clothe tog apparel enclothe garment garb habilitate dress raiment fit out

    Meronyms for habit

    No meronyms found for habit.

    Sounds like habit

    habit habitat habited habituate habitude habitue haft have-to doe with have a fit have it away heavy-duty heavy-footed hebetude heft hefty heptad hipped hip bath hip boot hip pad hip to hobbit hoofed hoof it hooved hop out Hypatia