What are the hyponyms for helmsman?

Hyponyms for helmsman

coxswain cox

Definitions for helmsman

  • noun - the person who steers a ship
  • Pronounciation of helmsman

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    Synonyms for helmsman

    steersman steerer

    Antonyms for helmsman

    No antonyms found for helmsman.

    Holonyms for helmsman

    No holonyms found for helmsman.

    Hypernyms for helmsman

    gob Jack-tar sea dog mariner Jack seaman old salt tar seafarer

    Meronyms for helmsman

    No meronyms found for helmsman.

    Sounds like helmsman

    haleness Hallowmas Hallowmass hauling healing Heilong Helen Hayes Hellenic Helwingia hilliness holiness hollowness Holmes holm oak howling