What are the hyponyms for howler?

Hyponyms for howler

No hyponyms found for howler.

Definitions for howler

  • noun - a glaring blunder
  • noun - monkey of tropical South American forests having a loud howling cry
  • noun - a joke that seems extremely funny
  • Pronounciation of howler

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    Synonyms for howler

    thigh-slapper howler monkey scream belly laugh wow sidesplitter riot

    Antonyms for howler

    No antonyms found for howler.

    Holonyms for howler

    Alouatta genus Alouatta

    Hypernyms for howler

    blunder pratfall botch platyrrhine laugh blooper foul-up boner platyrrhinian jest bloomer fuckup boo-boo joke jape bungle flub New World monkey gag

    Meronyms for howler

    No meronyms found for howler.

    Sounds like howler

    haler hauler haulier healer heller helleri hilar Hillary holler holloware hollowware Holy Year howler