What are the hyponyms for incendiary?

Hyponyms for incendiary


Definitions for incendiary

  • adjective - capable of catching fire spontaneously or causing fires or burning readily; "an incendiary agent"; "incendiary bombs"
  • adjective - arousing to action or rebellion
  • adjective - involving deliberate burning of property; "an incendiary fire"
  • noun - a bomb that is designed to start fires; is most effective against flammable targets (such as fuel)
  • noun - a criminal who illegally sets fire to property
  • Pronounciation of incendiary

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    Synonyms for incendiary

    incitive seditious inflammatory instigative rabble-rousing firebug incendiary bomb firebomb arsonist

    Antonyms for incendiary

    No antonyms found for incendiary.

    Holonyms for incendiary

    No holonyms found for incendiary.

    Hypernyms for incendiary

    bomb outlaw criminal malefactor felon crook

    Meronyms for incendiary

    No meronyms found for incendiary.

    Sounds like incendiary

    imagine imagism immunogen Incan Incheon Inchon incision income ingenue inguen Injun inosine insane insignia insomnia in common in some way in unison ion engine