What are the hyponyms for inductee?

Hyponyms for inductee

No hyponyms found for inductee.

Definitions for inductee

  • noun - someone who is drafted into military service
  • noun - a person inducted into an organization or social group; "Ty Cobb and Babe Ruth were 1936 inductees in the National Baseball Hall of Fame"
  • Pronounciation of inductee

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    Synonyms for inductee

    draftee conscript

    Antonyms for inductee

    No antonyms found for inductee.

    Holonyms for inductee

    No holonyms found for inductee.

    Hypernyms for inductee

    man military personnel serviceman member military man fellow member

    Meronyms for inductee

    No meronyms found for inductee.

    Sounds like inductee

    immediacy inadequacy index index case Indic indigo induce Indus intake in this in two ways