What are the hyponyms for lawbreaker?

Hyponyms for lawbreaker

No hyponyms found for lawbreaker.

Definitions for lawbreaker

  • noun - someone who violates the law
  • Pronounciation of lawbreaker

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    Synonyms for lawbreaker

    violator law offender

    Antonyms for lawbreaker

    No antonyms found for lawbreaker.

    Holonyms for lawbreaker

    No holonyms found for lawbreaker.

    Hypernyms for lawbreaker

    criminal malefactor felon crook outlaw

    Meronyms for lawbreaker

    No meronyms found for lawbreaker.

    Sounds like lawbreaker

    laborious labor coach law of areas law of averages leapfrog leprose leprosy leprous leverage lifework life force Liparis lip rouge liverish liver sausage Lophophorus low brass lubricious Lule Burgas Luluabourg Luvarus