What are the hyponyms for littleness?

Hyponyms for littleness

petiteness slightness stuntedness tininess grain dwarfishness diminutiveness weeness puniness minuteness delicacy runtiness

Definitions for littleness

  • noun - lack of generosity in trifling matters
  • noun - the property of having relatively little strength or vigor; "the smallness of her voice"
  • noun - the property of having a relatively small size
  • Pronounciation of littleness

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    Synonyms for littleness

    pettiness smallness

    Antonyms for littleness


    Holonyms for littleness

    No holonyms found for littleness.

    Hypernyms for littleness

    niggardliness tightness size niggardness tightfistedness meanness parsimony closeness minginess parsimoniousness weakness

    Meronyms for littleness

    No meronyms found for littleness.

    Sounds like littleness

    lead line Leo the Lion let alone load line