mass murder

What are the hyponyms for mass murder?

Hyponyms for mass murder

battue bloodbath bloodletting bloodshed

Definitions for mass murder

  • noun - the savage and excessive killing of many people
  • Pronounciation of mass murder

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    Synonyms for mass murder

    butchery slaughter massacre carnage

    Antonyms for mass murder

    No antonyms found for mass murder.

    Holonyms for mass murder

    No holonyms found for mass murder.

    Hypernyms for mass murder

    murder slaying execution

    Meronyms for mass murder

    No meronyms found for mass murder.

    Sounds like mass murder

    machinery make merry masonry Meissner meshuggener Mesmer Mexican War Michener mismarry misnomer missionary missioner Mon-Khmer Monsignor moonshiner Munchener music genre