middle-aged man

What are the hyponyms for middle-aged man?

Hyponyms for middle-aged man

dirty old man

Definitions for middle-aged man

  • noun - a man who is roughly between 45 and 65 years old
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    Synonyms for middle-aged man

    No synonyms found for middle-aged man.

    Antonyms for middle-aged man

    No antonyms found for middle-aged man.

    Holonyms for middle-aged man

    No holonyms found for middle-aged man.

    Hypernyms for middle-aged man

    man adult male

    Meronyms for middle-aged man

    No meronyms found for middle-aged man.

    Sounds like middle-aged man

    man-made lake Manihot dulcis mateless meadow leek meatless mental age mental case metalize metallic metallike metallize metal saw methodology middle age Middle Ages middle C mindless modal logic modiolus modulus monometallic monumentalise monumentalize mouthless mouthlike mythologic mythologise mythologize mythology Mytilus