What are the hyponyms for miserliness?

Hyponyms for miserliness

No hyponyms found for miserliness.

Definitions for miserliness

  • noun - total lack of generosity with money
  • Pronounciation of miserliness

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    Synonyms for miserliness

    No synonyms found for miserliness.

    Antonyms for miserliness

    No antonyms found for miserliness.

    Holonyms for miserliness

    No holonyms found for miserliness.

    Hypernyms for miserliness

    niggardliness tightness niggardness tightfistedness meanness parsimony closeness minginess parsimoniousness

    Meronyms for miserliness

    No meronyms found for miserliness.

    Sounds like miserliness

    mackerel managerial managerially meagerly meagrely mensural miserly misrule mongrel mozzarella