What are the hyponyms for moon-curser?

Hyponyms for moon-curser

arms-runner rumrunner coyote gunrunner

Definitions for moon-curser

  • noun - someone who imports or exports without paying duties
  • Pronounciation of moon-curser

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    Synonyms for moon-curser

    contrabandist moon curser smuggler runner

    Antonyms for moon-curser

    No antonyms found for moon-curser.

    Holonyms for moon-curser

    No holonyms found for moon-curser.

    Hypernyms for moon-curser

    crook outlaw criminal malefactor felon

    Meronyms for moon-curser

    No meronyms found for moon-curser.

    Sounds like moon-curser

    No words sound like moon-curser.